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To access certain services on the site, you will be required to create a user account and password. All information you provide must be truthful; no aliases or other forms of false information may be used to conceal your legal identity. Anchor ROI LLC is not responsible for the security of your username and password. Anchor ROI LLC will not be liable for any use or unauthorized activity under the user's user name and password. We reserve the right to suspend, deactivate or terminate any user accounts, passwords, and/or site privileges at any time with or without notice if you are in violation of the Anchor ROI LLC Terms and Conditions.
Guarantees & Liability:
Anchor ROI LLC endeavors to provide the most up to date information available concerning products listed within the website but makes no guarantee to the availability of listed merchandise, products, or goods. Understand that information concerning products listed within the website may change without notice. Anchor ROI LLC, its affiliates, and vendors make no warranties, expressed or implied, as to the availability of any and all items listed, purchased, inquired on, or otherwise advertised and hereby disclaims all liability for promises, and guarantees from any/all other entities outside of Anchor ROI LLC sources and will not be held liable for all other warranties.
Bid Submission, Review & Reinstatement:
All bids are subject to approval by Anchor ROI LLC before they are submitted to any distributers, vendors, merchants, or suppliers. Any violation of the Anchor ROI LLC terms and conditions may result in the users bid not being approved. Any bid that is not approved due to a violation of site use or terms and condition will result in the suspension of the users account. Bids on the Anchor ROI LLC Surplus website close at 4pm CST according to date specified.
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